Targeted Acquisition Programme
Targeted Acquisition Programme. What is it and how can we help you?
The two most common ways to expand your business are either organically or via acquisition. It can take quite some time to increase the size of a company organically, and very often there are high risks involved .

These include investment in people and equipment to take the company to the next level without knowing if this is going to work. A lot of companies I come across fail as a direct result of this strategy. This can actually destroy a hitherto very successful company.

If a company has the funds available, then a Targeted Acquisition Programme can be a very attractive and better, option to both buyer and seller.

It may mean that the seller is able to sell a business that he was thinking of winding down and more or less walking away from and get some decent money for it, whilst the buyer can pick up a decent well established business for a fair price,but with no open market competition.
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Ordinarily we work on behalf of the seller. In the Targeted Acquisition Programme, however, we work for both the seller and the buyer. Both pay a contribution towards the fees to the broker, but in different ways.

There is no conflict of interest in this as if the buyer is happy to buy the company for a given price and terms and conditions are acceptable, and the seller is happy to sell at that price given acceptable terms and conditions, then everyone is happy.

The person engaging the broker to carry out the Targeted Acquisition Programme pays an upfront fee based upon the amount of time and effort involved in finding potential companies to acquire.

The company looking to sell pays a fee based upon a percentage of the amount realised from the sale of the company. Because the potential purchaser is paying part of the fees, the amount that the seller pays is less than normal.

This is all carried out in the strictest confidence ,thus ensuring the safe transfer of the company in the smoothest way possible.

Any businesses that are found as part of the Targeted Acquisition Program are offered to the company looking to acquire.

This provides a totally anonymous service to the potential buyer as we deal with all enquiries and only put them in touch with a potential seller if we feel that the company fits their criteria.

If the company looking to acquire deems any of these companies to be unsuitable, then we reserve the right to take these to market.

Finding buyers and putting them together with a seller is the easy part. We provide a complete service which includes getting solicitors involved that we know who specialise in business sales .

We also work with chartered surveyors to evaluate property values and rents if required when looking to renegotiate any lease.

We work with solicitors that specialise in selling businesses, but also checking out leasing agreements which can be a minefield to the unaware.

Taking all of the above into consideration, our Targeted Acquisition Programme provides an excellent vehicle for both buyer, seller, and, in most case the staff, as well as often ensuring the longevity of the company.
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