Distribution, Marketing and Franchising
With over thirty years combined marketing and management consultancy experience, and the creation of high level introductions, we know a thing or two about how to get your brand out there.

We have created appointments from cold to interview over 500 Managing Directors of small and medium sized companies .This was about their businesses, so if we can get them to talk about this, we can certainly help you to arrange appointments with the right people to distribute your product and open up new markets for you.

We have a background in telemarketing , the wine trade and conventional marketing as well as internet related and social media marketing including search engine optimisation . We specialise in promoting your company through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook , Instagram , and Yell.

We can also advise on licensing your products as well as franchising as means of distributing your brand. Everyone seems to want to franchise or licence their products these days, but is this the right path for you? What are the pitfalls?

We also know how to deliver a pitch to a potential new distributor, franchisee, or licensee due to our high level negotiation skills learnt from dealing with so many key people within business, so if you want us to act on your behalf to promote you and your company, we are happy to do so.

We tailor make a package to suit your requirements based upon what you need. We will make recommendations, but ultimately, the way that the programme moves forward will be in accordance with your wishes.

We are used to being patient. You need to be ready so that when new markets are opened up, you are in a position to service them. It's no use us finding you a huge new market, only for you to find that it falls flat on it's face because you are not able to keep up with demand, apart from which, over trading is fraught with dangers.
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